Level 1: Lesson 7: SYS 06 Product Details


While importing the Product Details file, I am choosing the mapping below but in the "SYS06 Products Details Line Items" tab, Product Code and Family Code columns are grayed out. Can someone please help on how I should fix it for importing? 








  • Hi Lavanya,


    For this particular import I don't think you need to map the Product Code and Family Code in the import as you will be putting formulas for those items later. But if you do want to map them then one way to do so is by selecting 'Map items manually' and then left clicking on the Source Item you want to map and then next left clicking on the Target Item on the right you want to map it to.

    I hope this helps!




  • I tried selecting 'Map Items Manually' but the two fields are still deactivated. Should we not be entering the formula for Product Code and Family code before importing? 



  • Not sure why it is still deactivated. But you can skip mapping as you will be putting formulas for these two items after the import is done. Would suggest completing this import without the mapping as it is not required and if you face a mapping issue for future imports like Employee etc then post again on this platform.

  • Removing the formula and reimporting worked. Thanks so much


  • I also had one more question in this module


    Do you know how I can view all the rows of items imported like below from the example



    I am able to see only one row of data at a time



  • Hi,


    I think it might be because of the default view you setup while creating the module. Try this - Click on the Pivot icon next to the Blueprint icon and check if your E2 Employees# is in Rows and your Line Items are in Columns. If not then drag them accordingly and then click OK and then go to View and Save. Screenshot below:



  • That worked beautifully. Thanks so much again.