Mapping and Data Importing




I'm having issues importing data and mapping in lesson 7 for SYS08 Employee Details. 


1. Does the mapping look right?
2. Why am I getting an error message regarding the start/leave date import and how can I fix this?


Employee details.JPGError.JPG

Thank you!!






  • Hi Gal,


    I did a few trial and errors before getting this correct. I don't remember exactly how I did it but I know that you will have to go the SYS08 Employee Details Line Item tab on the top and adjust the date format to YYYYMMDD. 




  • Hi Gal,


    The mapping screenshot you attached looks good! Maybe check the Details Line Item mapping. I have attached the screenshot below for reference:


    Also, don't forget to check the custom mapping for both the Start and Leave Date on the right side of the screenshot. Attaching screenshot of custom mapping below:


    Select the YYYYMMDD fixed-position pattern in custom mapping for both the dates.

    Hope this helps!




  • Thanks, Ronak! I've followed the steps you have mentioned an am still receiving the error message below:



  • Thanks Nirali! I'll definitely try that
  • Hi Gal,


    I am not completely sure why you are still getting an error. Is it possible to attach a screenshot of the error details on the Details tab? Also, I am not sure but I feel there might be an issue in your E2 Employees# list or an issue when creating the SYS08 Employee Details module because in the import screenshot that you have attached you don't see the actual employee names under the Target E2 Employees#. Whereas, when I am doing the import I can see the the actual employee names. I have attached screenshot for reference:


    Can you attach a screenshot of you E2 Employees# List or SYS08 Employee Details module in grid view if possible?

  • So I went back and checked and it seems I have another issue when I originally imported the employee list 


    I imported the list name but it seems I didn't map it right, as the employees are not under their respective departments - how can this be fixed?



    Employee list.JPG


    Thank you again for your time and help!!

  • Hi Gal,


    I would suggest reimporting the employee list with the mappings in the screenshot below:


    Also, check if the Properties and Configure tab have been setup right:


    After successful setup your Grid View should look like this:


    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you Ronak!! I followed every step and re-created the list, as well as the module SYS08. I was able to successfully import the data (turns out I wasn't manually importing it before but I followed your screenshot and it now worked). However, this is the screen I am seeing now for SYS08, I am not seeing the list of employees -- does this look right?



  • That's great! Glad the import worked. The screenshot you have provided doesn't have an employee list I believe because of the view you setup for the module. Following the below steps in the screenshot shall resolve this I think (Lavanya had a similar view problem, attaching screenshot):



    See if this works.




  • Ronak, you are a lifesaver!!!