Level 1: Lesson 8: REV02 Volume Inputs Error while importing


Can someone please confirm if my mapping looks correct for REV02 Volume Inputs and what should the value be in the Time Tab and Line Items Tab






  • Hi Lavanya,


    The source for Time mapping should be Column Headers and that for REV02 Volume Inputs should be Fixed Line Item. In Time tab select the Periods format as YYYYMM and in REV02 Volume Inputs tab select fixed value as Volumes. Hope this helps.



  • Thanks so much, that worked

  • So I did exactly the steps mentioned above (changed the date format, etc) and then realized I only have year '20 showing in my Volume Inputs Module (and Margin Calculation Module) and wondering if this is why it still shows an error?  Screenshot below of the date range I'm seeing (don't have years '19 or '21 and wondering how to add or if that's the issue?)

    Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 10.32.17.png

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • I figured it out!  Just had to extend the year range one previous and one in the future.