Level 1: Lesson 7: 'P2 Product' is not recognized as a hierarchy in the model


I am trying to insert the formula for SYS06 Product Details' Code line item but this error below is showing and it is happening to the Product Family line item too. How to find out what I did wrong? 


The formula for 'SYS06 Product Details' Code is invalid:

Code = CODE(ITEM('P2 Products'))

'P2 Products' is not recognized as a hierarchy in the model.

The ITEM function should take a hierarchy as argument




  • Hi,


    The error message says hierarchy is not defined. So check clearly did you define hierarchy in your model. As a thumb rule, it is good to check hierarchy is defined or not for respective calculation whenever ITEM keyword is used.


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  • I believe I have it configured correctly but I was able to complete the activity by recreating the P2 Products model and SYS06 System module.  There must be something wrong somewhere but re-creating them did the trick. 

  • Hello Cal Vert, 


    Can you share with me the formula you are trying to enter?

  • Code = CODE(ITEM('P2 Products'))

    This is the formula, Noelle. Just FYI, I have already resolved the issue and completed the activity by recreating the required modules.