Enable user to write comments on dashboard




I want users to be able to add comments on the dashboards.

How can I manage that?


Thank you very much



  • Hi @kenzael,

    use text-formatted line items to let users type the comments. 

    Depending on what levels you need to have the comments written, you can use dimensioned modules, or for example only per Version, or per User - this all depends on your case.

    You can use Field or Grid cards

    Small example below:


    Let me know if you have any additional questions. 

  • Hi @kenzael,

    You need to also check that the user has write access to the module that you want to input the comments.


  • I've found the KPI card a great way to display text on boards. Unfortunately, these are not editable but look a lot nicer. Depending on the use case you could have entry into a line item and if it needs to be displayed elsewhere you use the KPI card. We have used this a lot for messages to end-users. 

  • EmilyJ

    Hi @kenzael since your comment has been posted we have now released commenting in the Anaplan UX. You can use this to comment on cards on a dashboard and these conversations are tied to context (with different threads for different intersections of dimensions). We've also just released user tagging so you can bring people into the conversation when you need them. Please let me know if you need any more information - I hope this is useful!