6.9.2 Add Formulas to Product Family Details Module


I am getting an error message when I enter the formula for SYS05, anyone know where I might have made a mistake?



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  • Hi, Could not open the attachment. 

  • thanks for reaching out to me, hopefully it opens now,

    let me know if not and I will try again

    thank you

  • Hi,


    The error is because hierarchy is not defined. So check clearly did you define hierarchy in your model. As a thumb rule, it is good to check hierarchy is defined or not for respective calculation whenever ITEM keyword is used.



    Also you added " at the end of formula instead of '. The correct calculation is CODE(ITEM('P1 Product Family'))

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  • Hi Zak, Did you solve the issue?



  • Hi Goni,

    thanks for reaching back out to me.


    sadly, no I still am getting the following error message; also I must not understand what you mean by hierarchy has to be clearly defined. In my general lists I do not see where my Model differs from the real model.

    I have attached an image of that as well.

    thank you


  • Hi @model030 ,


    Anaplan will show this error when list name is incorrect. Always recommended not to type the list name in the formula if we have number & special character.

    Can you try this step to write your formula?

    Edit formula bar of code line item-> write CODE(ITEM(list name)) -> Go to General lists > click on the list name.




  • Hello @Akhtar.shahbaz 


    I have a problem with clicking general lists. When I click on any of the lists as you said nothing appears in the formula, I mean it cannot be clicked. I checked everything and could not find anything wrong. It will be great if you can help me to solve this. Thanks.