Order List Action


There id Order List action which is used to sort the list

But we can sort if the module has only one dimension

Is there any other way we can sort by using order list action if there are multiple dimensions like (2 lists or one list and time)


Kindly give the solution






  • Hi Shirisha,


    What exactly are you expecting the result to be like after sorting?

    Do you want the sort line item to consider values in the other dimension as well?




  • Hi Anirudh

    The final result should be the list to be sorted based on values of particular line item by using "order list" action.

    It is possible if the module has only one dimension

    But is there any way if module contains more than one dimension(like 2 list dimensions or one list and time dimension) 

  • @1635834 


    Why does the sort have to be done from a module with multiple lists?  If the sort value is based on the combination of multiple lists, create another module using just the list that needs to be sorted and link to the module with multiple lists.