Find option in a worksheet


I want to find data in my worksheet, specific project for example. When I try to use the find option at the top of the page it only finds line item.
How can I search for a specific project?


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Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote



    You can use FIND function and a boolean formatted line item.

    If you do not already have one create a flat module containing no dimension or time.

    Create a line item and label this as, 'Find Criter.' Format it as text.

    In your target module create a boolean formatted line item. 

    Use the following formula = IF ISBLANK(Lookup Module.Find Criteria) THEN TRUE ELSE FIND(Lookup Module.Find Criteria, Line item to search)>0

    Publish the, 'Find Criteria,' to you dashboard and set up a filter against the new boolean formatted line item. 

    The default result will show all items and as you enter text the grid will filter to show all cells which match the Find Criteria.

    FIND is case sensitive so be mindful of using capitals where required.