Level 1: Lesson 9.2.5 Activity: Add Formulas to REV05


Is anyone else getting an error message when trying to input the formulas per activity 9.2.5?


REV05 error.JPG


  • Hi Gal,


    Add a space after the Unit Price in the formula. It should be 'REV04 Price Growth Rates'.Unit Price %

    Would recommend building the formula in the future as sometimes the formulas in the learning tool can have mistakes.




  • So strange. I inserted the space as indicated, and was still receiving an error message. I then built the formula myself and was still receiving an error messageerror still REV05.JPG

  • Yeah, this is strange. When I try re-inserting the formula from Learning it gives an error but when I add that space it goes away.

    Check if the format for both target and source match and that the other two dimensions (country and product family) are referenced correctly. You can also check if REV04, SYS06 and SYS04 were setup correctly. Not sure what is causing this.

    Hope you are able to figure out the issue.




  • Once you check the steps mentioned by Ronak, check the time scale and formatting(I think there should be same formatting to source/destination in this case percentage)


    Hope it works.


    Stay Safe,


  • Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having the exact same issue and no options so far is working.