10.2.2 Activity: Import Data into Non Employee Expenses Module


Dear all,


I am having another issue in importing files. but this time it has no errors but values were ignored during importing process.

I am trying to import NonEmpExp.csv into OTH01 Non Emp Expenses module

Pls refer to both attachment.

Pls advise/assist.



  • Hi Alan,


    After referring screen capture, I noticed first mapping i.e Time is wrong. Choose as 'Fix Headers' and it will work. And don't choose anything from right drop down 'Data Value from'


    Let me know if issue persists, will attach screen capture if required. I understand mapping is sometime complex, but we have to be accurate. You can always test with all combinations and your import wont impact. 




  • TQVM. It worked perfectly.
  • Hello all,


    i am facing similar kind of issue .

    Discription - After importing with attached mapping method , my data is not populating to all the columns (Attached).

    And, also total is not showing.

    Please help.

  • Screenshot (9).png

  • Hi Csta,

    You'd need to add SUM formula for all costs (Shipping Costs + Rent + Utilities + Shared Costs) for Total line item.