New UX - Mobile App


I have designed a simple new UX Page (Page:A) so it can be viewed on a regular laptop / monitor size screen.

This Page (Page A) is also viewable on the Anapaln mobile App (with no loading issues), but involves lots of scrolling to see the whole Page content


I have been trying to design a simple mobile App friendly size Page. (Page : B)


I started by adding the same two cards that were on Page A - a Text Card and a Grid Card.( a module with two boolean line items - DCA boolean : Read/Write)


When i added the first TEXT card, the Page loaded in app fine. i thought great start. but as soon as i added second Card, a Grid with same module view as in Page A., when i tried opening the Page in mobile app, the screen seems to be trying to load, but after a second or so it goes pure white, blank.


NOTE: I tried adding on same horizontal pane (Cards side by Side) and also one Card under the other Card but both wont load correctly


To continue using app i have to shut down and re open app.

Does anyone know why this could be happening, or is this a case for new ticket with Anaplan support?