New UX comments

Just started testing this new functionality


How do you delete comments?  And is there any way to tag people in comments like some of the screenshots show?


  • @JustinDOnofrio Great question. It does not seems to be available currently. However I think it would be great option to have



  • I've just made some tests and I confirm that this option is not available for the moment. I also hope this willl be added soon.




  • @JustinDOnofrio @Romain_Colin @ashish.banka 

    I tested the functionality last week and I am really happy that it was introduced, but indeed it could be further improved!

    I just added this to the Idea Exchange and then saw your post 🙂

    Hope this could be on the roadmap. 

  • @filip.sypniewski 


    Already upvoted for it due to the "Tagging part".

  • If there is no way to remove comments, then I would like the ability to disable them.
    They will end up with out-of-date and useless notes and information that could prove 'misleading'

  • Agreed on the disabling of comments on a card. I've created an Idea in the Idea Exchange for that:


    Also, I have found the way for now to delete comments is to delete and re-publish the same card to the dashboard.

  • Hi @JustinDOnofrio@Misbah@filip.sypniewski@Romain_Colin@ashishbanka - just following up on this thread to confirm that user tagging has been released and is now available for Anaplan commenting in the UX across both web and mobile. Thanks for the feedback so far!

  • @EmilyJ 


    Thanks a lot. Any update on the Deleting the comment feature by Page Builders. Is it coming soon too?

  • Thanks @EmilyJ .  We're holding off on recommending this feature until deleting comments is available. 

  • @EmilyJ 

    Appreciate the follow-up!! But, agree with @JustinDOnofrio - good callout. Customers are really anxious to use it though.

  • Hi @EmilyJ,

    thanks for letting us know, great news and much appreciate the effort of the whole team!


    As others mentioned, we are not comfortable yet recommending this feature until deleting is possible. Is there any timeline for this?


  • @Misbah @JustinDOnofrio @JaredDolich @filip.sypniewski


    Thanks for your feedback, we're working on this now and Delete a comment should be available by the end of the month. It's worth noting that this will only be for the comment author to delete their own comment - if there's a requirement for individuals with special permissions to be able to delete others' comments, I can consider that for a future roadmap addition.




  • Sounds good @EmilyJ, thank you for letting us know! 

  • @EmilyJ 

    Thanks for the follow up! I think I see the challenge now. I guess we don't want someone deleting others' comments. But we also need a way to reset the conversation because of the planning rotation. Maybe as an idea, let the workspace admin clear the comments?

  • Thanks @EmilyJ this will be a big win.  I will echo some of the other comments here - in addition to allowing a user to delete their own comment, there should be some admin functionality to wipe all comments for a card.  This doesn't need to be comment specific.  Needed in the case of a forecast cycle restart, etc.

  • Thanks Jared and Justin - I've added this to my list for considerations in our next couple of quarterly planning cycles and I will keep you posted if it makes it onto the roadmap for a particular quarter!




  • Hi Team!

    Does anyone know how to put a line break in comment on a card?

  • hi @CeciliaRen, I tried different combinations of ctrl, shift, alt, enter but did not succeed, I think it is not possible at this moment.

  • Hi @filip.sypniewski and @JaredDolich - just to let you know that delete a comment is now available! Please keep any and all feedback coming, and thanks for your support so far.


    Best regards,


  • @EmilyJ 


    And here it is, tested. I was successfully able to delete the comment. However I believe editing our own comment is still not possible - just want to make sure that I am not missing anything



  • That's correct, @Misbah - editing is on the roadmap for later in the year.

  • Hi Emily, just to confirm, is there any options for admins to delete comments yet - even 1 by 1?

  • Hi Justin, not yet. We're looking at Admin capabilities for a future roadmap, so I'd suggest adding it on here as an idea if not already and we can bring it in for consideration as part of those discussions.
  • Hi,


    I just tested (Aug 5, 2021) and it is possible to delete comments -- when your mouse cursor is over the comment a little trash can icon appears.