Distribution Group for Anaplan Integration?


Hi All, 

While attempting to open a service account for data integration purposes we received some pushback from our directory services team. Specifically because we requested that they open a mailbox for the service account to receive the initial password email. The software engineer on directory services recommended that we use a distribution group instead of a service account so that we don't have to pay for the O365 license. 

I'm wondering where Anaplan stands on this as a best practice or what the rest of you are doing? The idea of a distribution group doesn't seem secure enough from a compliance perspective.

I'm also wondering if there is anyway around receiving the initial password via email for exception users? So that we can avoid purchasing the O365 for the service account. 





  • Hi Chris,

    As far as I'm aware, there's no other way to add users into the Anaplan environment

    In my experience, most clients already have several service accounts for existing data integrations. We usually just use one of those existing accounts instead of creating a new one. A DL is definitely less secure and could circumvent the user dimension and other selective access enabled lists...

  • @cbrookes We have been using a service account and we did not have any pushback from our service directory team.


    However, I would suggest to check with your service directory team to create a dummy id and associate it with a valid email ID (may be a secondary email id which could be the Anaplan Platform owner email id) so that the password can be maintained by that user.