Binding gris with page selector


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I have page selector and a grid in a  module. I need to bind these two controls in such a way that grid details should be updated based on the page selector value. How can i achieve this functionality.  


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  • @Jerin_KJ 



    1. Create a boolean formatted lineitem in the grid module dimensioned by list( being used in the page selector)

    2. Set version, time to not applicable.

    3. Reference the page selector in this lineitem (lookup etc)

    4. Use this lineitem in the filter.

    4. Based on the list member selected in page selector, the module/grid will display its respective data.


    Pls. share some screenshots to help you in a better way.


    Hope this helps


  • @Jerin_KJ 

    Firstly, a page/context selector is not a filter. It simply limits the view in the grid with all other combinations still existing. Therefore, the solution offered by @abhi1017 will not work.


    One possible option is to add the page/context selector list to the grid module. This will create sparsity as it is likely only a limited number of combinations of dimensions will hold any valid data. If sparsity is not a big issue here this option is the most straightforward approach to allow the single page/context selector to control all modules. 


    The final step is then to apply a filter on all time periods so that you only show cells which are not zero.

  • does this module has this page selector as a dimension ?

    do you mean the UX or classic dashboards ?