Model too big




I am getting the error - Model change has been rejected to prevent the workspace exceeding its size limit.  I have attached the screenshot 


please assist to fix





  • 13,115,880 cells I have some how lol HELP

  • Hi aevmajor,

    Looks like you added too many dimensions to that line item in the Applies To

  • Hi @aevmajor , 


    Please check your available workspace space... Maybe it is nearly full...



  • @aevmajor 

    Size issues will develop when you start adding dimensions to a module in an attempt to create a 'filter.'


    If the additional dimensions represent a one to one relationship with the primary list then you will create a significant amount of sparsity where all combinations of possible list items are created.

    If you are looking to allow the user to filter on a property of the primary dimension do not add the list in applies to. Instead create a filter function where the user can select the desired combination of properties from a series of published field cards. 

    If this what you require I will provide further details as the process involves a series of steps.

  • i logged off then back on and it worked lol. thanks for your help !