error code: 6.9.2 Add Formulas to Product Family Details Module


error code received and i dont know why


i entered CODE(ITEM('P1 Product Family'))


received this message:

'P1 Product Family is not recognized as a hierarchy in the model

The ITEM function should take a hierarchy as argument




Best Answer

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @Bordenk612 ,


    Anaplan will show this error when you type incorrect list name.

    Can you try this step to write the list name in your formula?

    Go to General lists > click on the list name







  • Thank you,

    I realized that I had misspelled Family(famiy) in my general list...


    Is there a way to edit the name in the general list without deleting it?


  • @Bordenk612 


    Yes, Go to general list, double click on the list & rename your list name




  • @Bordenk612 

    If in doubt, we always recommend clicking on the lists/line items etc. rather than typing; with numbers or special chrs, it can get quite tricky to get the exact syntax.  For Lists, navigate to the General list setting and then you can click on the relevant list


  • Yes, double clicking on the list name did allow me to edit the spelling of the list name.
    thank you
  • Hello,


    My lists cannot be clicked for some reason. I want to click on them while writing the formulas but it does not work for me. It will be great if you can help me to solve this.