Different View in NUX


Hi Community,


I am facing an issue with one of the views. The view looks fine in the source module with just one column.

However when I published it on a dashboard it got divided into two columns. I am using a view where under one month I have 3 line items.


I have tried everything. Filters, time range settings etc. Everything looks fine.

For test, I tried to publish the same view on a classic dashboard and it works absolutely fine. Same as source view.

Please help me with the same.


Thanks in advance

Source view : Module View.jpg

Target view(NUX Dashboard)                   Dashboard view.jpg


  • Are you using Module Views or Custom Views in the New UX.


    If you are using Module Views try setting up the view in the NUX directly using Custom Views.

  • Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for taking out time to reply.


    I tried both. None of them worked.



  • @NehaSharma 

    It works fine in New UX. Not sure what are the parameters of your filter, but try to use a saved view from the module views and see if it works fine. I just tried using a saved view and it does not behave like what you mentioned in the issue. Hope this helps.