Line Items: Are there more than 50 line items in a module?


When is this a problem?

When any module includes more than 50 line items.


Why is this a problem?

It goes against the best practice, which is to not include more than 50 line items in a module.


How to correct:

Break up the module into separate modules, especially if any of the line items use subsidiary views.



  • Hi @Bob-Bachynsky, @DavidSmith

    While having excess number of line items in one module definitely goes against the Auditability part of PLANS. Does it also result in a performance degradation?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • @veeturi.sandeep

    David Smith is no longer with Anaplan and @Bob-Bachynsky really isn't the correct person for this, hopefully, I can help answer this.

    It depends on the line items and how they are dimensionalized, meaning are there a lot of line items with subsidiary views? If so, you should think about moving the line items with the same dimensionality to a separate module. Anaplan is different than other software platforms in that you should not build everything into one module, spread it out. By spreading them out, performance can improve and the maintenance will be so much easier on the model builders.

    Additionally, it will be much easier for the model builder to get the dimensions in the correct order (link) which will help with performance.

    On the other hand, if line items have the same dimensionality and they are dimensioned correctly, then you should be ok.

  • Thank you @rob_marshall . This is helpful!!

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