Banner export practices are leaving orphan Budget Items in Anaplan


Ok, so this is a weird one for sure. 


The implementation team suggested that we exclude zero balances when exporting Budget data from FGBOPAL to keep the Anaplan model size as small as possible.


We recently found that there are times that a value will get imported into Anaplan creating a balance for a Budget Account. If this item happens to have been created by error and is corrected in Banner the item becomes orphaned in Anaplan.  This is due to the excluding zero balances in the Banner Export. 


Has anybody encountered this? What would be a best practice to keep this from happening?

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    A little late answering this but thought I'd toss an idea out to you in case you haven't already solved this. One very effective way to handle the orphans is to track the last update date with the record's last update date. If they don't match, you've potentially got a record that is no longer needed or valid. You will want to add all the business rules to the Boolean that ensures you've identified the orphan. Once you have the orphan identified, you can run a delete list action to remove it. Below is a simplified example.


    Transaction module


    System module that contains the last time the transaction module was updated