Activity 9.2.5 Activity: Error Message with Formula


In today's Q/A session, we had the question about a formula not working for the REV05 Price Growth formulas. 


After further model review, we noticed that the Product Family, Product Details and Location Details modules had the Time Dimension. After removing the Time Dimension the formula was accepted successfully.





  • Hi Noelle,
    Where can I find the recorded sessions?
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  • I think Q/A sessions are not recorded, only special topic sessions are recorded. If still Q/A session are recorded would like to watch.




  • Hi Kim, 


    Q/A sessions are not recorded. 




  • The error message I get is "Dimension of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the result." None of the modules mentioned above have the time dimension. Not sure how to proceed.

  • Hi There, 


    I am not sure which part of your model you are referring to. Can you share more details, what you were working on and screen shots?


  • I'm referring to Activity 9.2.5 where I'm trying to input the formulas.

    error message



    first formula reference (REV04)




    I'm not sure which dimension isn't matching to what. Thankfully this formula hasn't been super important to anything else and I've been able to complete lessons after this.

  • Hi, 

    The error message(Dimension of mapping.....) is because there is mismatch in formatting across your module. For example Country you define as text in one and number in another. So when writing lookup this will throw error. 


    And when I check the rest 3 scree captures, See highlighted. It clearly tells there is mismatch in formatting. 


    So now I feel open all the system modules check the format of line items/dimensions. Let us know if still issue persists.


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    Basavaraj Goni


  • Thanks. 


    I cannot access your screen shots. Are you able to upload the images instead of links?