Hi All,


I have a dashboard created in my model where the user selects the selectors (i. e current stage and base stage) and the data in the corresponding table changes as displayed in the below image.


Immage 1.JPG 

However, the user also wants to get the view of the options selected in the selector (i.e. the Base Stage Selected and the Current Stage Selected) to get generated in the export view of the table. Please help me understand how it can be populated in the above data table shown in the image so that the name of the base stage selected and the current stage selected also appears in the export view.


Please note that the below attached view that is by creating a line item for Current stage and base stage in the module from where table is coming such that they get repeated to every corresponding list item is not accepted by the user.



Thanks in advance!



  • Hi,

    Create a numbered list with only one member - #1 and add it to the module in your screenshot. Add it to the Rows. Then go to the list and create a text formatted property called display name. Formula:
    "Current Stage: " NAME(Current Stage Selection "|Base Stage:" NAME(Base Stage Selection)
    Then use this property as the display name for the list.
    Let me know if this works for you


  • Thanks a lot for the solution!!