I would like to create a Waterfall chart.

I have 3 FY, and a list of locations, and the final result should be as this picture :



However, this waterfall chart has been done only via line items :




Is there any different ways to do that, in order to have "Fr", "UK", etc... between FY19 and FY20, and between FY20 and FY21, without the obligation of changing names.


Many thanks in advance for your help.
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  • @tderuyver 

    Is there a specific reason why you are not using a list for the countries and Anaplan time?

    Build a module using lists and time and nest countries and time to create the required format.

  • Hi,

    The reason I don't use countries as a list and Anaplan time is  that I can't make a chart with 2 dimensions :




    How could I proceed ?


    Thanks for your help,


  • Unfortunately, waterfall charts are created using line items.
    I would question what you are trying to achieve using this type of chart and explore other options where you can use lists to format the grid that contains the data.