Anaplan DocuSign Integration


Hi Team,


Could anyone please share their experience in integrating Anaplan With DocuSign?


Our use case is below -

Users should be able to create Purchase orders in anaplan, Route for approval and track the approval statuses. Our Approver Business users are not Anaplan users. So, we need to create a PDF file using the PO details captured in Anaplan and route to approval. We are thinking of utilizing the DocuSign for this part.


I so far created two modules in Anaplan - 1) store all PO related details 2) store all approver related fields. Both share the same dimension - PO list.  

We have 6 levels of approvals max based on the PO amount. 


We have multiple product managers and all of them will be creating multiple Purchase Orders simultaneously.


Could some one share their experience in integrating with DocuSign? How do you usually manage workflows and synchronize the status? If multiple users have to initiate workflows, how do you design modules, control the data flow?


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  • Could Someone please help me with this?


    Thank you in advance




  • Hi @sreeharikv ,


    I'd be happy to sync over a conference call to review the process and help you out. When we have a team that's responsible for running our docusign integrations, we usually setup the envelopes and workflows using a service account. 

  • Hi @pierre_kerkinni 


    Thank you so much for the reply and apologies for late reply. We were able to implement a solution internally to integrate with the DocuSign app. Its working as expected. But, we feel the maintenance phase is very difficult. Instead of a service account, we have multiple users configure their own envelopes and workflows. I think your way of having a service account for workflows will be easy to maintain in the long run. Our end users are finding it very difficult to remember the list of steps they have to perform to initiate the workflows and tracking the status of the documents. Also, whenever there is change in DocuSign end, I have to work with all users login to update their envelope and workflow metadata mapping. Also, we are using a conditional routing in DocuSign that is every harder to integrate. 


    With service account, the service account has to login to Anaplan and initiate the workflows, right? Do you figure out any way to automatic initiation of the workflows? I will be very happy to sync over a conference call to review the process, if possible. Please let me know your availability to meet.