Best Practices - Order of Operations on Formulas?

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Reviewing my work vs the listed formula in the training, I find that I wrote a formula as:


'REV01 Price Book'.Unit Price * 'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes


...but the documentation puts it as:


'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes * 'REV01 Price Book'.Unit Price


My immediate reaction was "oh, it won't matter which order they're in - it's just multiplying..." but then I second guessed myself and went "Hmm, sometimes Anaplan has order of operations speed response issues...maybe it DOES matter which is read first..."

Is that the case here? Is there something based on wanting whichever module has the fewest cells to be first in the calculation or anything, like when we try to optimize an If/Then statement for fewest reads? My OOP trained brain says no, but...







  • Hi Rachel, Nice query 🙂


    I feel there is no such order of operations in Anaplan, until parenthesis is used. In remaining cases it is parallel execution.




  • Hi

        No Buddy we must follow some order to write formula....