Activity 4.6.4


When trying to import the file for this activity I watched the recorded session and did exactly what was said, I also followed the steps from lesson 4 but for some reason it keeps saying the file isn't successful because of invalid names.  It says 1 updated and 12 failed.  I'm not sure where I went wrong!

I saved the document provided by lesson 4 and just tried to upload it again but I am still having troubles.  I dont want to move forward without a successful import.


  • Hello There, 

    Can you provide a screenshot of the error? or type out what it says?


  • The picture of the screen showing the tree view is before my latest import. I think it’s because I’ve tried importing multiple times but Canada, Mexico, and all the other countries have a squiggle and a code except the US. Maybe that has something to do with where I’m going wrong? 

  • Thanks Maira, 


    I actually cannot view your screenshots for some reason but when I look in your model I noticed that you have slightly duplicated data. 


    For example, you have:




    I also notice that you have your Region Codes in the G2 Country List. 


    I'd recommend deleting your G2 Country List and your G3 Location List and recreate them. 


    Once you have created them and added the correct hierarchy you can then do your imports. 


    Do this as step one and then let's see how it goes. 



    Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.12.06 PM.png