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I need advice on how to set up something in my Model. I need to pull into my Modules a Time Setting that excludes Bank Holidays. I have created a List of all the Bank Holidays and plan to use this as a filter in my Module's. I want to know if this is the correct way to approach this task? A screen shot is attached. 


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  • @neg177 


    First, please remove the properties from the list and instead create a module dimensionalized by this list and Time at the Year, it will be much better and easier to use.  Then, in your SYS Time - Day module, you will now be able to look up these values.  Create the following line items:

    Year: item(time) with a time period of Year

    Bank Holiday?: start() = module you just create.line item (I would assume Holiday)[lookup:year]. Bank Holiday should be a boolean



  • Hello @rob_marshall,
    To get this to work, does the SYS TIME - Day module need to be dimensioned by the holiday list also?
  • @mshaw 


    Yes, you should have 3 modules in total.


    First, create a Holiday list having a Top Level:



    SYS Holiday Observed:

    • Dimensionalized by Holiday list and Time at the year level
    • Line Item: Observed Date formatted as Date

    SYS Time Filter - Day

    • Dimensionalized by Time at the Day Level
    • Line item FY Year formatted as Time Period Year.  Formula: PERIOD(START())


    SYS Holiday Day:

    • Dimensionalized by Holiday List and Time, at the Day level
    • Line item Is Holiday formatted as a boolean with a summary of ANY.  Formula: SYS Holiday Observed.Observed Date[LOOKUP: 'SYS Time Filter - Day'.FY Year] = START()

    In the SYS Time Filter - Day module, create a new line item Is Holiday? with the formula: SYS Holiday Day.Is Holiday?


    I put a filter on it so you would see all of the Holidays are correct.


    Hope this helps,



  • @rob_marshall
    This is very helpful. Thank you for the very detailed reply!