Level 2: Activity 1.3.4 Update System Modules


In order to get the SYS05 Country Details module to populate properly to load I had to use the Region codes (AMER, EMEA, APAC) in the Region Flat file, but when I I try to load the SYS07 Location Details module it is looking for the region names to be spelled out (Americas, etc.).




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  • kevin.cho

    I just went back into the lesson content just to double check.


    You're importing into a module dimensioned by the list "Location Flat". Each item in this list should correspond to an item in the "Locations.csv" source file in lesson, with codes ranging from G001 (New York) to H001 (Head Office).


    If this is not correct, you'll need to review that first. 


    Your Locations.csv import into the SYS07 module should then match 1-1 - it's the exact same data source used to populate the list. 



  • aashikbharath

    Hi @kevin.cho,


    Thanks for the help. I was able to solve it now.



  • Take a look at the columns available in your data source, and the list members that have been created in the Locations list. Which column in your data source matches a property in the Locations list? 

  • Hi @kevin.cho,


    Thanks for your reply. Actually, the columns in my current .csv file doesnt have any matches to the target. The target has only codes of the country and region. But my source has the country and region name which causes a mismatch. Hope you understood my question.



  • No worries - I tend to find that these training courses are very good and in-depth in the content they cover, but they require following the instructions very very closely. If you ever tend to run into issues (and the lesson content doesn't expect you to, or ask you to debug the issues), try go back a couple of steps and re-do them.

    Good luck!