Show/Hide in NUX - Yearly Totals Not in Correct Order




Is there any way to change the order of periods when you are using Show/Hide in the NUX? For some reason when you utilize the Show/Hide functionality, it places the Fiscal Year totals before the months regardless of what I select when you click the Totals Position button. Please see the attached screenshots for further detail.


Screenshot 1 - Time Settings

Screenshot 2 - What you see when you select the module in NUX. Notice how FY20 is after the months for FY20

Screenshot 3 - What happens when you show/hide on Time. Notice how FY20 now appears in the first column. The values that were selected to show were all months in FY20 + the year summary for FY20

Screenshot 4 - Shows no change in column order when changing Totals Position (Group at End doesn't change anything either)


Is this just a bug? Or am I missing something?


  • Hi,


    Indeed, it seems to be missing the possibility to decide the order of time items in the NUX.

    A workaround could be to save a view in the module showing the time items in the desired order (or applying a filter so that the FY is dynamic); then, publish the grid in the NUX not as Custom View but as Module View.


    In the screenshot attached, the first table is created as Custom View (as in your example), the second from a Module View.Time NUX.JPG


    I hope this helps.