multiple files upload in random order


Hi, I have a question with multiple file upload in a Process.


The Process has A,B,C,D Action and the Action is sorted.

A Action needs file a.

B Action needs file b.

C Action needs file c.

D Action needs file d.


But when I push the Process button, the place where upload the file is ordered random like below.






How can I order it?



  • Hi @hyudolee 


    Could you please elaborate or share a screenshot on where exactly you need to order a,b,c,d.



  • This isn't something I have ever come across before but could you try and remove all the actions from the process, save it then re-add them in the correct order i.e. A then B then C then D and see if that resets your file order? 

  • Hi @hyudolee ,


    Pease arrange the action in correct order, it should work. You can also see below point for your reference.


    Case 1. Multiple Source & Same Target

    When you have different Multiple source files but same Target then you can upload your source file in any of the order, Anaplan will check what you have mapped.





    Case 2) Multiple Source & Multiple Target

    When you have different Multiple source files & different Target then you have to upload the correct source file against the Target.





    Hope this helps!



  • Hi, Akhtar.

    Thank you for replay!


    We faced with your case 1.

    Do you say we can not order upload file?

    In this situation, we want to order like this.

     Import Order -1 Choose file  Order_1.csv

     Import Order -1 Choose file  Order_2.csv

     Import Order -1 Choose file  Order_3.csv



  • Hi @hyudolee ,


    Yes, you can rearrange the import action in your process, if it's not working then try to remove the action from your process & again add the action in proper order.