LI Format - Time Period - option to choose several time period types at once




When choosing the format "Time period" on a line item, there is a choice between several types (month, quarter, year, ...). But it is only possible to choose one type.


Is there any workaround to give the end-user the ability to choose a month, or a quarter or a year in the same line item ?


Thank you for your help.


P.S.: I am not talking about page selectors. Just line items formatted as time period 


Best Answer

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @Mouhssine_Laghrissi ,


    It is not possible with Anaplan time period to have Month, Quarter & year in the dropdown in a list formatted line item.

    Workaround : You have to create a custom time list same as anaplan time period and then create another system module to do the mapping.


    hope this helps!