Filtering Charts in New UX


I had a question from an end user about if it is possible to reverse filtering on a chart. As in, when you select an item in the key, it disappears. Is there a way to reverse that?


Example: If they want to see operating unit #1 only, they have to click all 10 other operating units in order to see just one. They want to be able to select one, and have that be the only one to show, and the others are hidden.


Clip from new UX chart for reference.







  • Hi @cpalm2 ,


    I don't think so that option is available but you can provide below options to the user.

    Create one System module with one Boolean line items to select the operating Unit and apply this filter in the main module Chart view.


    Note: In this approach, user don't have to deselect the item one by one, user can select all the operating unit which he don't want & click Spacebar

    Hope this helps