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This question is specifically on capability to enter comments directly in a cell. The user case would be budget Vs actual variance report where i want to see commentary for a specific line. I have been told that this isn't possible , as we can only enter comments in the page/grid which is not specifically linked to a cell


anyone know a workaround?


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  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @cathyliGL,

    indeed, it is not possible to enter a comment directly in a cell. 

    This really depends on your case, but the most typical solution would be to use text-formatted line item as a comment. Simple example below:





  • @cathyliGL 

    How about creating a list called Comments with a single list item. 

    Create a new module and add all relevant dimensions that are present in the variance report along with a line item subset for the source module.

    Add a single line item called, 'Comments.' 

    Publish this to a page using a field card.

    The card should be synchronised to the variance report and show the relevant comment when the user selects a line item in the report.

    If you need to publish a report with the contents use the line item subset and the dimensions along with a line item for the values and one for the comment. Simply reference each module to combine them in a single output.

  • @cathyliGL 

    This approach would be the simplest if you P&L is a list and not line items. 

    My suggestion in creating an output where you convert you line items into a line item subset is one way of converting your line items into a list so that you can follow this approach as suggested by @filip.sypniewski .


    Either way the challenge is allowing the module to contain both numerical and text formatted data against the same intersection of dimensions. 

  • Thank you for the suggestion!
  • thank you!