Display Name not showing properly


I am working on the Level 1 Model Building and cannot get the display name to show in place of the numbered list for E2 Employees#. I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. 


Thank you for any help provided. 




Best Answer

  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @kwl25,

    you are almost there. You created property on your Employee list. Now you need to use this property as Display Name Property..

    On your settings panel, choose 'General lists'.

    Scroll to the right side.

    For your E2 Employees list, select your property as Display Name Property.

    siaply name.PNG

    Good luck with Level 1!


  • @filip.sypniewski  Ah I knew it was probably something simple I was missing. Thank you so much! 

  • Thank you for the answer - it is not evident in the training that "Properties" and "Display Name Property" are two different things.

  • Display name is not showing, Please check below screen shots. Not sure what is missing. Please suggest. Thanks