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Hi Experts,


I have created a module, whose default view consists "All Periods & FY19, All Periods & F20, and All Periods & FY21". From this default view, I created a Saved View only comprising all periods of FY20 and all periods of FY21. To achieve, this I used filter based on the system module, created on Time Setting. Filter is Forecast Period Only (START() >= CURRENTPERIODSTART()).


The issue, I am facing is, in Saved View, I can see all periods Jan to Dec for FY20 and Jan to Dec FY21, but I am not able to display fiscal year total i.e. FY20 and FY21. On the other hand, in default view, fiscal year total is appearing together with periods. 


Please let me know, if I have missed something in configuration.





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  • rkanwar
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    Hi @varun.joshi07,


    My Assumptions are that your model is set at a Monthly level.


    The issue is in the Summary of your line item filter. So for your line item that has the formula Start() >=CurrentPeriodStart(), try changing your summary from None to Formula, TIme: Formula for the Summary Column in the Blueprint Mode. Please find attached the screenshots for the same. In my scenario, the current-period is set at Jan 20


    Let me know if this works for you.