Level 2 Activity Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module Error


Hello there,


I came across one error when I deal with activity Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module at level 2


When running the Import it state that the process is completed but show one error, Which is pertaining to the 9.1 Import Historic Volumes. (Invalid line item identifier: Weekly Safety Stock)


Could someone please provide any advice? Should I go add a new line item to the 9.1 Import? 




  • I have a similar error but for 9.2 (see screenshot)

    Im going to try to just reimport that data to the module DAT01 and re-run the process to see if it helps

  • Hi @RaheemCardwell 

    Can you please show the mappings. you have to go to actions and click on edit for that action to get the mappings.


  • Hi @kenyashakir 

    In your case, either you have not mapped the line item or you have chosen it as map it automatically then your line item name is not same between source and target.


    Do not map it manually, you will have to make it production action in that case(generally) and also map it in prodcution/Acceptance workspace.