Monthly data to weekly



I am very new to Anaplan so forgive me for my ignorance. I am building a model where my calendar type is months/quarters/ years. The module has a list of all products that are ordered per month, broken down by product type and seller. I am trying to create another module with the same data but broken down by weeks instead of months, specifically week ending (as our company uses Thursday as the end of week each week).

However, being new, I have looked high and low across Anap-land for :

  1. How to create this new week ending time scale. I have created a list item for this purpose at the moment but is there anything in Anaplan that makes this task easy? Also, is creating the list the right approach?
  2. I guess the next question then is how to  bring the monthly data to this weekly module?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies in advance again if anything is unclear.






  • Hi @saurabhkc 


    You can change the default time list to some week options in the Time-tab:



    Brining the montly value to a week could be done by the formula 'monthvalue' as explained here


    All the best