Level 2- Sprint 1- 1.3.6


Hey everyone, 


I am hoping someone would be able to provide some clarification for me. I am on lesson 1.3.6 of Sprint 1 for Level 2 and it states that the following items need to be in the saved view. What are the subset line items? 


"Include: Code, Parent, and subset line items"


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  • To be more specific it is lesson
  • Hi Laura,


    Sorry for the late reply. If you still looking for the answer then you can refer below.


    In instructions it is mentioned as 'Include: Code, Parent, and subset line items', So we have to consider Code, and this belongs to location module so parent would be 'Country' and lastly subset line items(Distribution, Default shipping).  


    Let me know if it helps.





  • Hi Laura, 

    Did Goni's explanation help you? 


    A line item subset is a list of items drawn from one or more module line items. When you review your grid view for this module you can see that you have your Code, Country, Region, and your subset items Distribution Center and Default Shipping. 




  • I got it. Thank you for your help!