Current Context Filtering and Level Selection (New UX)


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I am trying to build a dashboard in the new UX to display some user data and I'm having issues with the format of my chart:


My module has two dimensions: E3 Employees (I'm actually using a subset of it to keep only relevant data) and M2 Dashboards; plus the time in Months.

Both have hierarchies, E3 is the child of E2 Team and E1 Group, M2 Dashboards is the child of M1 Model.

The data to show is a number based on each employee and dashboard, summed to have totals for each parent hierarchy.


The way I want to display it is a bar chart showing the data per M1 Model for each Employee at the E2 or E1 Level; not at the E3 level: In the Page Selectors I would need the Employee Hierarchy (E1 and E2 only) and the Time.

Depending on what is selected in the Page Selectors it would need to be shown differently as following:

- If a member of E1 is selected, show its children from E2 on the chart (for each M1 Model)

- If a member of E2 is selected, show only itself on the chart (for each M1 Model).


Is there a way of achieving this kind of filtering ? Putting the E hierarchy in the chart and Page Selector doesn't seem to work for me and from testing based on other charts (I used a workaround by having another chart have the E hierarchy as a page selector to have access to it) filtering on only the children of E1 didn't work.

If there is a way to do that I will also need to include a chart where depending on the page selector for E, the data will be shown at E1 level only (if an E2 member is selected, it would show the data for its parent in E1).


Please let me know if there is a good solution to achieve that, it would be really helpful !


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  • Hi @Quentin Create a dummy grid with E2 list as dimension and enable hierarchy filter under context tab so that the list will be publish as page selector. Then only you will get the E2 and E1 items for selection, enable the sync for chart and it will get updated as per the E1 and E2 page selection.

  • Good morning @Anilkumarch,


    Thank you for the great tip ! The synchronization works and filtering is more efficient, however I am still getting the E3 members displayed on the actual chart, is it normal ?

    Would I need to use another module at the E2 level instead of E3 ? I figured that it would be working since E3 would be out of the picture but I wonder if there is something more simple that I missed.


    Thank you.


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