Rolling Forecast Chart




Is there a way I can create a line chart that connects the Actual data and the Forecast? 


Attached is the screenshot from Excel that I plan to create in Anaplan.







  • Hey @tompatrick.ting ,


    You can bring Actuals and Forecast data in one common line item (applying If else condition on Time dimension) and then create a line chart.

    However, the line chart won't of 2 different colors as shown in excel. 



    ~ Jitendra

  • Sricharan
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    Hello @tompatrick.ting

    I have used some rearrangements of line items and tricks to remove trailing zeros and this was the resultant outcome.

    The budget trails along, the actual ends and forecast starts at the date of selection.


  • SriNitya

    In one line item bring data of actuals and forecast and then populate the graph it would work for you.

  • Sricharan
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    Hello @SriNitya

    If one line item is used for continuity purposes, the shift to a different version (color change/show or hide a version, etc.) cannot be observed. Hence multiple line items are used, and conditions are put such that 'NaN' shows up instead of zeroes to avoid erros in graphical representation caused by trailing and leading zeros.