Data sort



I am trying to sort the data for hierarchy and it works fine if I select the immediate parent in the page selector. When I select the total company level the sorting does looks like in the hierarchical order( sorting the siblings of parent and maintaining hierarchy)but coming in the sort order with different order. Can anyone pls help with options. 



Nisha. S




  • Hi @NishaS 

    Assuming your data is Sales history.

    1. Rank the sales history data sequentially. The formula for line item, Rank sales history would be RANK(Sales History, DESCENDING, SEQUENTIAL)

    2. Cumulate the above rank sales history in another line item. Formula: RANKCUMULATE(Total Sales History, Rank Sales History, ASCENDING) 

    3. Use the lineitem to sort.


    Edit Rank and Rankcumulate formula based on you requirements.

    For more details on these functions:


    Hope this helps