Hi!  I am still stuck on 6.8.2 the formula for SYS02 I keep trying to redo it but I still cannot get it right.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • Hi @mgb14 can you give more details on what is the issue you are facing

  • sorry for the late reply!  So I created SYS02 and when I try to put in the "CODE" formula it says

    "The formula for 'SYS02 Region Details'.CODE is invalid:
    CODE = CODE(ITEM('G1 Region'))
    CODE does not apply to any lists (it has an empty Applies To)"


    I also tried without CODE in front of ITEM but that also did not work.

    I did all the steps leading up to 6.8.2, or at least I think I did.  So I am not sure how to move further.

    Let me know what you think!

    Thank you!!!

  • @mgb14 It would be interesting to know the List which is applied to the module "SYS02 Region Details".


    Ideally the module should have G1 Region List in the applies to so that CODE function can work.


    Hope this helps.


  • thank you soo much!! That is what I was missing!!! 

  • @mgb14 Glad that it worked.