Level 3 8.4 check your build - Question


So I don't understand the below snap shot.  My previous year actual revenue ties out.  My initial sales targets does not.  I calculated the initial sales targets by taking previous years actuals and bringing them forward as a baseline and then applying a growth rate at the product family and country level and applying that per product/account to get initial sales targets per account.  How can the initial sales target be less than the previous years actuals as shown below?  That would imply a negative growth rate which is not what we were instructed to upload.  


If the initial accounts sales targets are correct below then is my baseline method incorrect or are there negative growth assumptions?  If my baseline method described above is incorrect then how is the baseline calculated and why would it be less than the previous years revenue?  Other than the starting numbers being wrong my build is working as it should.  







  • Just in case anyone reads this.  The baseline forecast is uploaded and has no relation to the previous year actuals.  I calculated the baseline forecast using the previous year as a baseline which was not asked for.  I didn't realize the baseline was provided in an excel file.