To pull or not to pull?: Loading Distribution List to SYS07 Location Details Module (Lvl 2


Hi all,


This is an exercise to create a data hub and, as a preparation, I have asked to load data in a flat list in a preset structure as per below:



Please note that there is Distribution Center? field to it, which was already set when I uploaded this assigned model.  Since it is there, I have uploaded the true/false boolian values from locations.csv file as per attached:

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.29.14.png


Then this particular task is to load the rest of the information from locations.csv into SYS07Location Details Module, which was pre-set like this:

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.32.55.png


So, I have uploaded the data as per:

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.39.55.pngScreenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.40.07.pngScreenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.40.16.png


As I was suspecting that the "Distribution Center?" information would be pulled through from the Location Flat list, I did not import this particular field.  But there is no lookup formula preset for Distribution Center values in this module. 

So, my question is this:

Above made me think whether or not I need to upload this data separately from the Location Flat list.  But if so, what is the point of uploading this value in the Location Flat list as we are duplicating the Distribution Center? values in two places defeating the purpose for the single place of truth, which was what User Story by the Model Builder wanted.

OR, do I need to work on the formula on SYS07 so to pull the data from the Location Flat list?  


Any pointer to the right direction would be much appreciated!


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  • ashish.banka

    @kotoponus Anaplan best practices suggest that any List properties or List Subsets should be populated via a module. Hence, I prefer below approach to load Lists, its properties and List Subsets.

    1) Create a flat list items using a csv file.

    2) Create a module using the newly created flat list.

    3) Create line items in the modules (Step 2) which would correspond to List Properties and / or List Subsets.

    4) Use csv file to import and load data into the module with List Properties and / or List Subset (Thus naming it as SYS module)

    5) Create an import to load Flat List properties and / or List Subsets from the populated module (Step 4)


    Hope this helps.



  • The 'Distribution Center?' Boolean in the Location list is actually a subset, which can't be referenced from a module's line item. It doesn't hurt to populate the line item from your flat file, but if I remember correctly, it won't end up driving anything through the rest of the build, so either way should be fine.
  • Hi, @ashish.banka,


    Many thanks for your response.


    Can you please elaborate your step 5?  I think I follow up to your step 4.

    I saw it as the following workflow as per steps (5) and (6):



    Am I understanding your step correctly here?

  • Many thanks for your response, @dameyer01 , 

    So, I gather from your reply that I should be loading "Distribution Center?" values in SYS07 module rather than Location Flat list. 


    Do you see the intension for this training course on why they have a prepopulated the subset item "s Location Flat: Distribution Centers?" in Location Flat list when we could just be done away with it in the module? 

    I am only trying to make sense out of this situation...  Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.



  • @kotoponus You do not need to export the data from the SYS module in Step 4 into a csv file. You can create an import using Module / Saved Views too using "Connect to Anaplan Model" and selecting the same Model and the corresponding Module / Saved View. This works similar to Import using CSV however in place of CSV, the source would be Module / Saved View

    Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 8.52.05 AM.png


    Hope this helps


  • Thank you, @ashish.banka , for following up.


    I realised as I went on further at 1.3.8 Model-to-Model import that you can do that and thought this was probably what you were referring to.  And I have done the activities where I import from views of models to lists.  So what you are saying is:

    1. Import the relevant location data into SY07 including the Distribution Center values based on Location Flat list (There are no Distribution Center values in the list by this point.)

    2. Using this module or the view as a byproduct of the module to import the Distribution Center values into the Location Flat list given you have the field to import the information.

  • @kotoponus 


    My guess as to the intentions is just to demonstrate different ways to populate those Booleans.


    Again, working from memory, but I think the Location Details module in the Supply Chain model is formula driven based on what's in the subset, so I think it's more important to have the subset populated for now, whether directly from the CSV file or imported via saved view as described by @ashish.banka.

  • @kotoponus Yes. And you can leverage SYS Location module to populate other Location related lists too.


    The idea is to maintain details of a List in one SYS module and leverage it for Lists creation/ LOOKUP etc.


    Hope this helps.


  • Thank you @dameyer01  and @ashish.banka for your insights!