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I need advice on how I would pull in past data into my Model. I have a Excel file that is attached and have set up the layout of the Model in Anaplan and have put the Formulas in my Line Items. I just need to pull in this data and then create a Flat File that will be uploaded into Anaplan Daily. My question is with the Excel Model that I already have, it is possible to import this Excel file and Map the Columns to my Line Items to pull in the past data I need in the Model?


Thank you 


Best Answers

  • dameyer01
    I'm not totally clear on the goal, but would it work to create a 'Securitization - Baseline' module that doesn't have any formulas that you could then upload your Excel file to? This would retain all the data elements in your Excel file and allow you to reference it.
  • dameyer01
    When you set up the import from the Excel file, set Time as Column Headers and Line Items as Column 1. Then on the tabs, you can specify the date format and maps the row labels to line items appropriately.
  • ashish.banka

    @neg177 Ideally you should be able to import data into Anaplan via a CSV file. This is how I would approach the load from Excel to Anaplan.

    1) Convert Excel file into CSV file.

    2) Create modules for each Excel tab (if you want to load all the Excel Tabs data into Anaplan)

    3) Map the Time using "Time" tab during Anaplan Import creation

    4) Map line items to the Excel / CSV row items.


    Hope this helps.