Level 2 - Sprint 1


Hello @noelmurphy  - will there be a Level 2 Data Hub that we can compare ours to as we go along (similar to what we had in Level 1). I have somehow veered off track in Level 2, I believe on an import somewhere along the way, but I cannot figure out where I went wrong. I am stopping at because I know for sure that my issue was somewhere before that. Maybe I went wrong at 1.3.4??? Again, I'm not sure. 


Will our Data Hub need to be correct in order to answer the Sprint 1 exam questions? 


  • Hello There, 

    There is not an L2 Data Hub Completed model for you to compare your work to. Level 2 is meant to make you more self-sufficient on your model build. 


    If your data hub is incorrect I would suggest that you review and or redo. It would need to be accurate for the rest of your model to function. 


    If you want you could share where you think you veered off and we could work to figure it out.