Filter on a Line Item based on Page Selector, in a Dashboard


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Need your guidance on something, please!!


I want to apply filter on a Module (in a Dashboard based on a Page Selector from first Module).


Dimensions of the first Module are Versions using Custom List, Business Units List (which will trigger filter on second module), Business Components List and Time.


First Module.png

Dimensions of the second Module are Versions using Custom List, Business Components List and Data Input Serial Number List (which is a non-numbered List), for the users to input their data.


Catch is:- Business Units List is the Dimension which is not common as it's not used in Second Module.


Now, I want to apply filter on Second Module which has Line Item which contains Business Units (with same Line Item format as Business Units List, which is a Dimension in first Module), below:-


Second Module.png

Would be great, if I can have couple of ideas on doing this, as nothing can beat learning from the experts, directly!!


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  • Hi Ishan,

    Page selector is a dimension applied to the module, whereas the Business Units is a list formatted line item. They are conceptually different things in Anaplan
    You cannot filter a line item based on a page selector

    To filter second module based on the Business Units line item, you should right click on the line item and use the Filter option. Alternatively, use boolean-type filtering on the module

  • Hi Anirudh,

    Nice to meet you!!

    First of all, thank you so much for the response.

    Seems, I wasn't clear on my last post, actually, what I thought was, to create a Boolean in the Second Module and then pull whatever Business Unit, user selects (either in Text or List format) from the First Module. This Boolean (in the second module) will be True for all the instances where "Business Units" column intersects with the Line Item where I am pulling "Selected Business Units" (from the First Module).

    I tried multiple Functions to pull what Business Unit is selected from the First Module but its not working.

    Hope, I'm clear on expressing my intentions now 🙂

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  • Here's another example where this could be useful.  We have a User Experience board page with two modules, one for employee expense drivers by Pillar and Function dimensions and second module for employees where drivers are applied to calculate fully burdened cost.  The second employee module has list line items for Pillar and Function.


    Our current best design uses a filter module that appears on the page as a field card to select Pillar and Function.  A cleaner design would be able to tie the filter somehow to the page selectors.