Creating a child in a parent list by create process in New UX


There are 2 lists A(parent) and B (child). In the classic dashboard, there is a grid with dimension A and a create action that creates items in list B.

When I select a row in the grid (with a dimension of parent A) and then run the create process, the item added is automatically under the parent I selected in the grid.

I do not seem to find the same functionality on New-UX. Every time I run the 'Create' process in the list I get a dialog box that requires selecting a parent.

Any help is welcome around, how can I directly add a list item under a selected list item ( without having to select the parent in the dialog box).




  • Hi @adityashubham ,


    You can achieve via FORM in NUX.

    1. Add Action card then edit the card, you can see the option " Create".


    2.Click on Form & the Select List where you want to add child, here you have an option to allow parent to select to user & then click on Create.





    Hope this helps!