When not to use Numbered Lists?


Given how flexible numbered lists are, is there a reason why I should not make all lists in a model 'numbered'?


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  • @michael.jones 


    Yes, many reasons not to make your list numbered list (let's not talk about all). If you have duplicate names but unique codes in your list, that should be the right call for you to make it a numbered list.


    All those 4 actions that @DavidSmith mentioned, you will have to use Numbered lists. I personally am not a huge fan of numbered list, to me general lists are more flexible.



  • I have a level 2 P&L list... see it as a sub group under main p&L list. the inputs happen at P&l level 2 list. this list is created from actuals that come in. We made this list as normal list because of the nature of this list as we didnt wanted a P&l level 2 item with different code and same name to be created. we recently got such case and a warning was thrown. what is ur take on this? should list like P&L sub group made numbered list ? One more issue i see it in making numbered list is then the user will not be able to identify which item it was with same name as we dont display code on DB and difficult to remember code and search .