New UX Icon Usage


Not specific to the new UX necessarily, but leveraging icons for instructions and visual guides is helpful in developing user dashboards.   Anaplan obviously only allows linking to externally hosted images, so a few questions on how people have been leveraging icons:


- Has anyone found specific icon / image sets that are free use and linkable for "commercial use"?

- Would anyone else find value in Anaplan (or someone else) hosting a set of boilerplate images for UX usage?   I certainly would.


Feel free to share any other tips and tricks on icon usage!


  • Hello @JustinDOnofrio 

    You raise a very good point. Anaplan- the company-  uses special icons heavily in their demos, marketing, and Apps. It would be great if Anaplan made these icons available to model builders to use when developing customers' applications. This will also provide some sort of consistency and professional look to the applications especially with the NUX

  • Hi @JustinDOnofrio @einas.ibrahim 

    I would go even a step further and recommend a repository of icons that can be accessed directly from within Anaplan and not going to any external URL. Many companies have issues with images/files and have very strong access control mechanisms in place for websites.


  • Most of the images are hosted on imgur or a similar site. If you go to their Images module that exist in the demo asset, generally speaking you can get the source URL and leverage appropriately.

    While I am uncertain of the use rules around what is provided, this still gives you a decent start point to be able to use consistent images from the demos into your product models.