Setting up a user filter on a composite list


I have a module that has country and accounts as dimensions.   My accounts are part of a composite list that roll up to segments.  I've created a user filter using another module to show only the countries and accounts specific to a user.  My filter is working but seems to cut out the aggregated totals for the segments.  When I apply the filter it shows all the accounts per country  but does not show me total country amount or total amounts per segment.  I've tried playing with my summary methods but can't seem to get them to work. Anyone know how to get those aggregations back?  



  • Could we get a screenshot of 1) filter line item with the aggregate list on the rows and its formula and 2) filter setup of the module?


    In general, you need to be able to look at that filter line item and see it as TRUE even on the aggregate list items. The summary method should be ANY.